Saturday, June 26, 2010

GHANA - setting a new precedent

Oh my god....I have just watched one of the best games of futbol ever!!!!! A nail biter to the end. Both teams, in their own right, could have been defined as underdogs for various reasons but for an African team, the last qualified African team to be in this set of matches, well, it was a sweet victory.

Kudos go to USA's Donovan.....he is a formidable player and did score that one goal that could rank up there in soccer history....

Lots of injuries, lots of drama - whoever says this game is boring - well, I believe you have been proven wrong.


Heidi Walker said...

Give me a futbol player over a football player anyday.

A girl needs a man with stamina ;-).

DriveGoddess said...

Yep....they do tend to wear out with feisty gals? Hahahah.