Monday, April 5, 2010

TROLL REDUX part deux.....some things bear repeating

Oh ya gotta love the tenacity of trolls. Just when you think they have crawled back to their respective spot under the bridge (well, that would be hard to do right now with the high river levels) never to be heard from again they magically reappear only this time they think that by seeking sympathy, apologizing for past transgressions or that by taking on a new identity (as if we could not figure out who it was) they can fool us and thus draw us back into their evil, twisted games.

Some would venture to say that by writing these very words I am sucked back in. Au contraire sayeth I - why should we censor ourselves? I say bring it on, have some fun and if anything one would be educating others as to this unique form of net behaviour. Heaven forbid these retards ever go public right? First off they could be prosecuted for stalking or making threats, secondly they would lose their "anonymity" (the one bit of power they think erroneously that they possess - Thank goodness for tracking software) and thirdly EVERYONE would know that so n' so is a total TARD. Maybe everyone knows that already? Well, at least within that troll's particular circle of acquaintances....mind you, maybe trolls only chill with other trolls? Plausible theory. To be examined later perhaps?

Trolls love forums and if they can cross-pollinate, they will go to social networking sites to wreak more sociopathic havoc. They are the bi-polar babies of cyberspace. They can turn on you in a heartbeat if you catch them at their game like I did yesterday. Oh this is too funny. Yes, a wee bit of clarification is in order here.

Trolls think they know your Achilles heel and will try their best to get at you. This particular troll who has been working several forum sites and has now moved his attentions to FaceCrack (Yeah, I know its a "him") figured he had me that is until he posted some craziness on my wall under one of my gaming was about his depression and tie that in with his profile page where he says he belongs to a Mood Disorder group? It did not take me long to figure out who it was. Two days prior to his wanting to suck me in he shows up on a political forum that I belong to and this time under at least four different identities......once again, figured out it was him about a week or so ago because he let slip misogynistic and anti-semitic remarks under one of his new names.....the troll can only maintain civil and intelligent behaviour for so long and then they snap and when they do it is usually in a spectacular way.

I wonder what these folks do in the real world and should we be concerned?

I politely informed this person via Private Messaging that I had deleted his remark and had decided to remove him from my FB site....not once did I mention that I knew who it was but instead just said that I did not need anyone's baggage. He then goes on to write me two very schizo messages - the first one saying that he was joking and that he wanted to take me out for coffee immediately followed by a second message that does not bear repeating except to say that it was very true to woman-hating troll form.

Wow. There is that behavioral pattern again. You, the intended victim, have found the troll out and banished them in as nice a way that you can only to be attacked again and again and by the same person using a multitude of identities. I believe this latest salvo is just the beginning so keeping that in mind I shall observe and pat myself on the back for being able to predict this person's modus operandi so easily.

Stay tuned as I like to say.....not like this is the first time I have encountered this crap and I know it will not be the last. Mind you, the stakes are decidedly higher for this troll in that - well - if they cannot figure that out perhaps it is time for them to adjust their meds?

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