Friday, May 28, 2010

Musings on a Dull and Rainy Day.....

Ooooh but I do love nasty weather only for as long as the power and internet are still operational. Some folks would castigate me soundly for acting the city slicker but what they do not know is that I lived and raised my now adult-son in a remote northern cabin, off-grid and about as primitive as one can get with regards to the more mundane aspects of life like where to go take a piss, get your water or bathe....and this was a year-round affair.

I have always been a firm believer in that one does not have to give up certain modern conveniences when being out bakabush but that if one loses certain things like electricity, well, deal with it in that it is not a big deal. It is nice to have but if it goes down then goddamnit read a book or go for a long walk - mind you, today would be a shite day for a walk because we have a squall passing through and it is rather wet. Good day to stay indoors and inflict one's musings on the masses whether they want to read them or not.

Would be great to be able to dance around a fire but the wood is all wet.

Some folks get really depressed when the rains come, monsoon-like....I welcome it. When I lived in Belize and rainy season came I would hunker down in my hammock with a good book. Yeah, I would have been writing but the power always went out. I would rarely mind that until the sun came out and the steam started to rise from the wet ground and not being able to turn on the fan soon made my humble space quite unbearable so I resorted to what any sane human would do - I ensured that those beers that were cold would not go warm. What a waste that would have been.

The winds are picking up...any time i anticipate that the power will go out because some big old pine will get knocked over due to their shallow root systems....oh well. Maybe time to have that beer, quickly edit some more words and dig out a sweater.

I keep going back to all those years ago in that other humble abode, I have dwelled in several the world over, but that cabin and its true seclusion was a happy place as is the one I am in right now.

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