Friday, May 21, 2010


I like that word as it more or less denotes my state of being for next week and perhaps a wee bit beyond that time frame? I have these urges and no they are not of THAT kind.....when one starts dreaming of blank screens it is time to sit down and fill it up with words. I can think of no better place to hang out and write than Sherpa Boy's place out in the woods. No TV, intermittent net use and lots of time to ride my bike and cogitate. I get antsy when I feel I am not being creative enough.

As of late I have not been writing for pleasure but more working on chronologies for a legal venture. Not boring but way too vexing as what I describe are events that are quite personal. It is time to elevate those words and add in the needed humour. Too much damned misery in this world and I do not need to add any more.

I took possession of a new road atlas the other day which will be a great aid in terms of describing past and future endeavours. Yes, the trip tales must continue.

I have been absent from blogging because another task needed to be done and that was the reclamation of my personal space, the home and garden. I had allowed the garden to be neglected much to its detriment and that was stupid. Now I feel a great sense of satisfaction in that three years of neglect will be no more. The hot peppers, herbs, tomatoes, squash, beans and sunflowers are in and if my predictions are correct it will be an excellent growth season.

As to my home, yes, MY home? The eradication of unwanted detritus is underway. He don't come to get it, it gets tossed. Shit, mofo has had two friggin' years to deal with his possessions - damnit, I have plans for this big old house!

It will be a joyous but at times sad task to put fingers to the keyboard after this long weekend.....maybe some of it will show up here? We shall see.....

Time to channel the energy, angst and lustiness of Poppa Hemingway - yep, bring it on!

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