Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why are the lights on in BROAD DAYLIGHT?

It is an honest question and it plays to the whole notion of our very wasteful, and sense of entitled society....why? Even though Manitoba has "clean" and "cheap" power, the cheapest on the planet in terms of pennies per kilowatt hour, we, the consumers, are fucked because of waste, pillaging of the pubically-owned corp known as Manitoba Hydro by our very government who started it - oh man....I am pissed off to no fucking end.

LET THE RANT BEGIN....and from some very practical standpoints.

I converted my house several years ago to be heated via electricity. I figured at the time that I would save money and then the juggernaut known as Manitoba Hydro took over the gas company.....I am no economist but does that not scream monopoly???? So much for the New Democratic Party being "socialist" and "caring".....they are all about the money honey.

I have lived in so many places where power was an issue and a costly one and I tend to bristle when some asshole from a Crown Corporation starts telling me to conserve, all the time when they are wasting a resource that is powered by another resource that with Global Warming could be no longer a resource? Wow.

These fat, white guys, in their marble-floored offices, overlooking their empire based on entitlements.....how many boards does Bob Brenneman sit on anyway? Obviously many as his arse looks like it has been firmly planted in many comfy seats of power.

Ad hominem attacks aside, there are those of us who practice conservation not only because we have to but because it is an intelligent thing to engage in.

So why has our government locked into several contracts to sell our precious resource, power, cheaper to the greediest of consumers, Americans ( or rather some ) and in the meantime try to tell me that if I do not pay my one hundred dollar household bill (a bill that took four months to accrue? ) I will be cut off? And this edict is being said to me while I look up in broad daylight at two in the afternoon at bright, blazing street lights???? BTW the bill was paid....as they always are even under financial duress.

Wow. Guess the government coffers are running dry.....just like someday the rivers that power these behemoths of waste will do as well....whatever. As long as that status quo maintains, I guess all is good in the land of Nod.

And our great gods ( all male of course ) of government want to start more hydro mega-projects....that notion however is for another day, another specific topic-focus. For now, I shall enjoy a cold drink, courtesy of my energy-efficient refridgerator.....and not courtesy of a bloated crown corp....peace out....live large....and be kind to hamsters, especially fat ones.

BTW did I say it before? The posted image was shot at around 2 PM today, October 20th when the sun was out in full-friggin' force....arrrggh.


cherenkov said...

Was there any kind of construction in your area recently? I remember in my area they had to temporarily (read: a couple months) hard-wire some street lamps such that they stayed on all the time because of some repairs that were being done. At least that's how it appeared.

I was going to do a post (and still might) about the lights in the Hydro building downtown. I attended a presentation once talking about how efficient the building is including how natural light and task lighting would be sufficient 90% of the time, yet the ceiling lights are always blazing in that place too.

DriveGoddess said...

There has been construction off and on since May but it was only two weeks ago that Hydro decided to do this hard wiring business.....go figure.

Do we really need street lights? The answer is no. Stats will bear me out on this one regarding light/lack of light and crime. There is not a surge in crime if there is less light. I will have to dig this stat up but I did run across it reading an essay about light pollution in North America.

I usually rejoice when our street lights go out for it means no harsh light coming through the slats of my bedroom blinds...no leaves right now to block that light.

I have seen street lights on in broad daylight in many parts of the city btw and no, no construction was in view.

Cherenkov, write that piece about the building and the waste....why not? To me they are a bunch of hypocrites at times.

Marina DelVecchio said...

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