Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cranberry juice is not healthy......

Okay, I is very healthy unless one mixes it with massive amounts of Vodka.......but hey, I rarely go out and the urge came over me last night - I had to be fabulous. Besides, my ticket proceeds were for a very good cause (Gio's Cares) and there was a trip to Vallarta to be possibly had. Plus, for a change I decided to end my year of forced, horrible frugality by spending money on my favourite charity of all - ME!!!

It really was a perfect night even though it was colder than the proverbial witch's tit. Alcohol consumption makes one feel all nice and warm inside.....and then you wake up the next day and realize that it is not a party in your mouth you are tasting.....hahahaha. No regrets. I danced my ass off and had my ass smacked several times (quite hard actually) by a some of you are wondering what is so weird about that? Well, the party was at the gay bar and in these modern times of blurring the lines, sexually-speaking, I suppose it is not weird after all. My ass BTW is still a little sore.

2010 was not a spectacular year for me but it was not a bad one either. I only see my "stock" going up, slowly, but this next year should be okay if certain malcontents do what it is right by me and allow me to flourish as being tragic is just not my style.

Today I extend to my friends, fans and stalkers (yeah, I know who you are, where you work - hehehe) wishes for prosperity (nothing wrong with being prosperous) reasonably good health and in the case of the one stalker, that her bosses figure out that she is using company time to follow my fabulous life. Oh well, when one is not fabulous I suppose the charitable thing to do is to not concern myself with the shortcomings of others and give them a taste of something interesting.

I had a great time. It may have been brutally cold but so what? People in this town know how to have good time no matter what.

BTW the photo was taken last night - a tropical theme in a cold prairie city. Happy New I can go back to watching Daniel Craig - too hot for words. I would not mind slapping his ass.....oh boy. Yummy.


cherenkov said...

Well you had a more interesting night than I did.

Happy New Year.

DriveGoddess said...

Thanks dude!!! I am glad I went out. I am still tired today and yes, it is too damned cold out there but life is for the living right? All the best this new year!