Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holes in the update to Black Water, Thin Ice

A view of the warming up area for the Winnipeg Police Dive Recovery operation.  In the background is the Disraeli Bridge, near where little Nathaniel and his brother fell through the ice just before Christmas....His older brother was rescued but little Nathaniel is yet to be found.

Sgt. Rob Riffel, Team Dive Leader, observes the Sonar from the warmth of the tent.
Several ice auger blades have been spent in the efforts to recover Nathaniel.  As of January 28th, 2011 it is estimated that 1,000 holes have been drilled into the 40 inch thick ice on the Red River.  The depth of the river here is around 18 feet and the current is sluggish.  The team wants the recovery before the spring thaw because this year the forecast is for massive flooding.

From near perfect temperatures of minus two centigrade on the 28th to today's temps of minus 30, minus forty with a windchill, conditions are not the best for these divers but perservere they will and must if anything to bring closure to the family of this boy.

Newslink for today, January 31st - Dive Recovery Called Off.....

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DriveGoddess said...

As of this morning the search has been called off due to poor visibility and frigid temps.....I do not know if more attempts will be made but at least many have tried.....