Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am a retard??

No, I am no 'tard but I am still playing with this "toy" called a "WE-Blog".....funny but I remember when blogspot first came out around ten years ago and many were urging me then to do a blog but goddamnit I was too busy.

I have been using the internet since 1986 back when it was all text-driven, very expensive and one had to really know how to refine a search. I have watched it morph into what it is now (and yes it is still evolving - but into what remains to be seen), have had several websites since 1990, and like any player, have moved on several times. My relationship with the internet has been fractious indeed but in many ways rewarding.

I used to do my own HTML back in the day when my eyes were good but as any of us know who have worked with HTML one misplaced comma or period can be cause for a complete geek meltdown as in WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING MISTAKE??????? I AM PERFECT AND NEVER MAKE MISTAKES.....ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH!!

Well, guess what? Nah, do not even go there. Suffice to say hours later when that wee mistake was found? That was it for me. No mas HTML. And this kind of leads into a neat little segue regarding eyesight....mine sucks. So, from time to time, dear reader, troll, harpie, retard or whatever - you will notice imperfections like missing conjunctions, pluralities what have you and why? Well, adaptation is a good thing and that is all I am gonna say. No white canes yet but I do get vexed over those little errors because of all those cruel menopausal teachers I had in grade school that felt all of us peasants had to have good English pounded into our skulls. I am my own worst critic in that regard.

I thank and salute, in retrospect and after having discovered herbage, those women who loved our language so much that it became their mission to instill RESPECT for it into our souls even if it meant that years later some of us would still be seeking therapy? hahahahahah!!!!

Blogging, like texting, twatting, tweeting, twittering, spewing, foaming at the mouth or being old-fashioned enough to take the time to actually WRITE by hand a letter, is another form of morphing only this time it is our language, our community and our sense of selves.....

OK - that was deeply shallow. Time for a libation. Cheers all!


Shaun M. Wheeler said...

Jesus Christos!

For someone who's procrasturbating, you have shot quite the load today ;)

DriveGoddess said...

Yeah....I love to pop one off every chance I friggin get....spooge on de screen eh? hehehehe