Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trolls, Harpies, Retards and Racists - what lurketh in Cyberlandia?

Oh man......I am having way too much fun today and why? Oh I cannot quite explain yet but suffice to say there is nothing more consistent than the behaviour of those who have but little grey matter to work with and when they are challenged or corrected they get downright pissy-eyed. This goes to the "shooting fish in a barrel with an M-fucking-16" reference on my sidebar.

I have to think about this one for awhile because there are parties involved that I do not wish offend but that being said it would be bloody brilliant if some folks would learn that they will never "win" an argument if all they can do is provide innuendo and conjecture.

Oh Sunday, the best day of the week to enjoy coffee and troll eradication.

FIRSTLY, a DG dictionary of the title terms....and if you are really lucky it will all make sense? hehehehehe.....

HARPY - (harpies - plural)....not to be confused with Harpy Seals, Eagles or mythological creatures that were half animal/demonic women (which all emit loud and annoying bursts of sound ) but this term does relate to women in the modern, net age and is a term that is applicable to the worst kind of woman, one who engages in BITCHERY. I suppose even when reading comments made by a Harpy one could imagine loud and annoying outbursts being directed at them?

BITCHERY is a form of behaviour exercised by someone, usually a woman, against other women, that the HARPY seems to, almost always, irrationally get offended by. What offends a harpy most? Well, lemme see - the target of the Harpy's bitchery is usually a woman who has enjoyed experiences not enjoyed by the Harpy. A common Harpy tactic is to accuse her victim of braggodocio, arrogance or telling lies. Harpies love to suck up to TROLLS (definition to follow later) and bring said trolls into the ganging up against the victim even if the Harpy has stated publically that she never liked most of the Trolls in the past that she is kissing up to now in order to bolster her irrational obsessions?

Still with me? It will all make sense sooner than later....hehehe. Yeah, it will make sense even though on first examination, net antics really are just the school yard all over again only this time one does not see their bullies because the bullies are hiding behind the relative anonymity of an internet connection. That is far more sad than funny....shame.

Okay, more on the correlations later....back to the definitions.

TROLL(s)......One can go back to Grimm's Fairy Tales for this one and yes, the appropos analogies can be inferred with regards to how these characters utilize the Internet. Trolls are usually male, not that articulate, extremely insecure, not necessarily attention-seeking in the classic sense of the definition but they do seem to bask in the mayhem and fractiousness they create especially if it is consistently against one person. Think of the pack mentality. Trolls can act in a singular fashion but love it when other trolls and harpies join up with them to "beat" someone down with words.

Now here is the funny part. Trolls love to call those who are the target of their bullshit - you guessed it - trolls!!! The classic catch-22 in that as much as one should not acknowledge said insults or slander it is hard not to when the same lies are being trotted out time and again. So when one defends their integrity and honor they are called a troll by the Trolls. Kind of fucked up is it not? Tragic and funny at the same time - another paradox courtesy of the realm known as cyberspace.

Now we get a little serious here....and yes, will invoke some feminist discourse because it is in many cases, some quite famous, that the victims of harpies (combined with trolls) tend to be women with strong "voices", "personalities" and possessive for the most part of a higher degree of intellect and experience. Yep, back to the phenomena of bitchery.

Case in point I did run this scenario past several men just to make sure I was not off on some persecution rant - okay think of any work situation blue or white collar where a woman comes onto the scene, fresh meat for the kill so to speak, and because of whatever is invited out by her male superior(s) for an outside of work meeting maybe over a brewski or what do you think the resident harpies at the office would say about this if later she was handed larger responsibilities? Okay, now substitute a man into this same scenario and I guarantee that there would be far less speculation being put forth with regards to the reasons as to why he received more responsibilities or a promotion?

The internet, as much as it can be a great place to meet folks, share ideas, bridge cultural and geographical boundaries is also a dangerous and sad place because this innate meanness and bitchery thrives and festers in an environment of "anonymity". Anti-stalking laws that have been upgraded in recent years are indicative of the often-times hostile and threatening antics by those who seem to get their jollies by spreading lies. And guess what? More often than not these days it is women who are engaging in behaviours that have led to, in some cases by proxy, the premature and wrongful death of their victims.

Regarding Retards and Racists......well, well - a RETARD or "tard", to me, is someone that still cannot read and comprehend what is so blatantly apparent to others. Retards, more often than not, wind up becoming recruited by Trolls because they perceive, wrongly, that they are the target of someone. No, they are just tards and get awfully tiresome to tolerate after awhile.

RACISTS - wow, perhaps another day for this word because I have discovered over the years that there is a whole other discourse emerging as to how one can define what entails a racist.

Once again, when examining internet culture all of the above terms can be interchangeable, non and gender specific but in the end can result in what I see as asinine behavioural patterns. What is sad is that we never seem to learn as humans that history is doomed to repeat itself.

Words are mighty weapons.

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