Thursday, January 28, 2010

PEEVES or just plain old WHY???

Okay this is where I GET TO HAVE FUN vis a vis, piss off some folks.....there are questions/peeves that pop up in my head like messages from space aliens (where the hell is the tin foil dudes?) that I still cannot understand, do not want to understand or think are just plain retarded. I have an awful feeling that as time goes by this list will grow and fester and develop into another life form....especially if reader submit their questions or peeves....

WHO THE HELL SAID IT WAS A SIGN OF DYSFUNCTION just because you like to have a drink before 5 pm your time (wherever the hell you are?) - I mean really, unless your goal is to get snot pukin' drunk and accomplish absolutely nothing (well, sometimes that can be a laudable goal too) everyday of the rest of your life, what the fuck is the problem?

Why do people dress little girls up in heels and makeup? Are they bimbos in training?

Why are most sheets on hotel beds white? I mean really, if I had to change those sheets everyday I sure as hell don't wanna see the activities from the night before in bold technicolour!

Why do I have to pay my bills on time? That sucks, cuts into my entertainment fund!

How come is it when I am asked a question that the questioning party knows I have the right answer to and when answered properly the questioner will turn around to the nearest MAN and ask him the same damned thing? What does that say? That my answer could not possibly be right? Blow me.

How come is it we are still trotting out crap from the nineteen fifties with regards to the whole man/woman thing? Get over it....I can BBQ and squash beer cans and keep up with play by plays as good or better sometimes than the next dude....hehehehe - GO SAINTS!!!!

I despise folks who spit in public or throw their gum on the sidewalk and there is nothing more gross than when you are sitting at a table at a restaurant and underneath the table are the remnants of used gum.....GROSS.

Are all border guards dumb nazis? (I think dis be one of dem REETORICAL questions-hahaha)

.....I know I will come up with more of this nonsense.....given enough "inspiration".

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