Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lover's Day

At least this is what I believe the 14th of February should be called. Or perhaps guilt-trip day? Or maybe oh shit I forgot the anniversary so I will go out get some chocolates and flowers day? Nah, Lover's Day is far better and need not involve something so cliched as flowers and chocolates but that being said the receipt of such, on the part of us ladies, is not to be snorted at unless one can tell that the chocolates are of the $2.99 last minute dollar store variety and that the flowers are mostly carnations.

Carnations are okay to receive on "regular" occasions like when one just wants to say, hey, so nice to see you you sexy beast, let's fuck. The direct approach, minus the false window dressing, usually impresses the more intelligent of the female species but woebetide any man who is a cheap bastard on special days. All women, unless they are total doormats or retards, can see through lame gestures so quickly.

Now guys, not that all of you are lame for it is quite true that a sincere gesture can carry far more significance and I do believe that many of you try to be sincere - but please, best to leave the cheap shit in the cheap bins if you are that last minute. Men would be surprised (maybe even shocked) to know that a simple, well-thought gesture (one that does not have to be purchased necessarily) is always appreciated and if it is not? Hmmmm......that scenario is for another day.

Confusing is it not? And while we are at it, I am quite sure that in the gay realm the same rules apply and that certain gestures would be ruthlessly mocked for many years.

Am I a cynic or unromantic? Hell, no. So let us see how this day progresses for no matter what I know a certain person will do his best to ensure that I know where his heart is and that is priceless indeed and is celebrated every day and not just once a year. I love my friends who have been so good to me during these trying times where my feelings concerning romance were teetering on the brink.

On postscript.....five hours later......

**** came by with a choice bottle of bubbly for me to put away for the "write" moment and a lovely Shiraz for us to enjoy as we chatted and reveled in each other's company. He is smart as three times he walked past the Belgian chocolates, almost caving to the cliche, but he knew I would have laughed if he had shown up with a heart-shaped box, no matter how much they cost. I already have his heart. Oh yes, I would have loved chocolate but like I said before, I also love surprises and to have received flowers and chocolates on today of all days would not have surprised me at all but to have his company and tender attentions? He can get me chocolate and flowers in a day or two....hahahahah.

I ain't no high-maintenance princess....muahahaha.
Precioso.....muy perfecto! Mi amore mi amigos y amigas siempre!!!!