Sunday, February 7, 2010

More StuporBowl musings and advice

Okay today is the day to eat meat, get hammered, eat cheesies and nachos, watch commercials and if you are not too hammered or bored - get into what could be a good game? Personally, I am hoping for one of those Broncos moments where the underdog, the Saints, come through and emerge triumphant. Most of my friends are Saints fans if not for that reason then at least because they hail from the South and a good southerner is loyal to their geography. this shit is vile but I discovered that it can be a decent mix. Just don't get too pissed and mix it up with Senor Limpio or whatever the fuck he is called in Mexico....gotta say this though for Mexico as they do have the most cool cleaning products like FABULOSO....??? I digress as is normal for me.

Speaking of Mexico, and this is an appropos segue if there ever was, this is a country that is famous for its booze and snacks. I love Mexico but please realize this America - NACHOS are not Mexican food. So be proud America because you still rule in terms of craptacularly crappy but satisfying snackies!!!

Anyway - Gatorade. I never liked it until one day hiking in Oaxaca with the Great Orlandini (archeologist extraordinaire and serious drinker and "herbologist"). We did about twenty klics the one day and when we got back to Mitla we were in need of some serious drinks. Being too tired to go out Orlandini brings out two selections from his room, one of rotgut Mexican gin and the other a jug of Urine de Burro, otherwise known as donkey piss Mescal....a very youthful drink and not recommended to any amateurs out there. He asks me if i have any mix and I reached into my bag and brought out four bottles of Gatorade.

After quickly downing the first two we felt that we had made a great discovery - hell, this shit ain't too way to get rid of shite booze and as drinking is a sport that requires training, dedication and stamina then I say to the good folks at Gatorade, keep those fruity flavours coming!!


cherenkov said...

I tried it for the first time this past summer while golfing: the athlete mohito -- lemon/lime Gatorade with rum. Pretty damn good.

DriveGoddess said...

the athletic mojito.....oh that is a good one dude.