Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reminiscing about fabulous times?

Saturday morning, coffee, a few phone calls and scrolling through the digital cable listings to see if there is anything remotely cool on that will amuse me as I write. Ah, Basquiat is about to start. (a sample of his at right)

Oh oh, speaking of cool and amusing my buddy Spam just arrived and we are going to the S&M Meat market (that is what we call it anyway) to get our pork on.....will return with some smart words later about the NYC and Winnipeg (f)art scenes of the early 80's........or we may just talk about pork.


Okay, that does it. I worship at the altar of the pig. Michael Symon move over because I live in a hood dominated by eastern European meat markets and I ain't talking church bingo halls! (where they make the best perogies on order but if you show up and you have not ordered then you incur the disdain of little old babas who will curse you to your grave for being so inconsiderate)

The M&S meat market is all about the pig. All pig all the time. As I type this Spam is giving off pork farts....she is sated. Saturdays are the day to go but do not dawdle as the treats vanish. Croquettes made with an egg pastry, burger patties and one of the best ever pepper salami I have ever had, fresh out of the smoker just a couple of hours ago. Moist, not too smoky and smoothly textured.

I was gonna talk about art but talking about pork is almost the same thing.

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