Monday, February 8, 2010

Mexican Monday and other musings....

Sherpa Boy you are an astute man and bless your heart because you remember those silly little things that I bitch about, like why the hell there was no cilantro to be had in this city of the damned last week? How the hell is anyone supposed to rise to Mexican Cuisine greatness without goddamned cilantro for chrissakes. Reminds me of the fall flooding in Belize of 2008 when cilantro had to be imported and no one, and I mean no one was gonna pay 12 dollars a friggin' pound!!! So, we had to reconfigure many of our dishes and that was hard because much of the cuisine of Latino culture features cilantro! Oh well....adaptation, I have found, is key to damned near any endeavour.

Well this goes to prove the one theory right that if the one you really, really like (dare I say love?) does not mind how addled you are in the morning, how disheveled your appearance may be or that, heaven forbid, the weekend dishes are still festering away? Yep, be kind to this one for he brings not only cilantro but laughter, words of wisdom, warm hugs and is not full of shit. To me, the latter sentiment, as I get older, is pretty high on my priority list for a significant.

What a great way to kick start a Monday? Good compnay and yes, the dishes are in the machine and I have done the exploratory into the freezer of despair, yanking out stuff that I had been saving for enchilada day - things like the butts of pork roasts, shredded cheeses and some banana loaf that can be had for dessert later. I love making enchiladas and I do them with a smoked poblano cream sauce and a rich tomato/cilantro creamy (not too creamy) sauce. The meat will be thawed, shredded and infused with roasted cumin that I get at my favourite Caribbean/Indian shop, Dino's.

I will add to this in awhile....

yeah...we ate - we conquered...damn that is.

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